LSR Colloquium SS21

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Due to an overlap with two other related events the colloquium will be continued on November 10th 2021 — 16:00 (CEST) 

On 26th of October (Tuesday, 17:00) all are invited to the physics colloquium where the Felix Bloch Award will be granted. In the frame of this event there will be an invited talk by Prof. D. Budker on Extreme NMR.

On 1st of November (Monday, 14:30) there will be the next MDR meeting.


The colloquium room

Link to the Zoom-meeting  

To obtain the passcode for the colloquium Zoom-meetings please REGISTER, the code will be automatically sent by e-mail. 

The colloquium is open to the general public.

Leipzig Spin Resonance Colloquium

Leipzig has historically been hosting a broad spectrum of research on spin resonance in physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Leipzig traditions in the subject go back to the time when Werner Heisenberg, Friedrich Hund, Edward Teller, and Felix Bloch worked there. At present, there are numerous groups at the Leipzig University and Max Planck and Leibniz Institutes conducting cutting-edge investigations that involve resonant response of electronic and nuclear spins in rather diverse contexts. As the spin resonance research within different fields grew increasingly specialized, it became an outstanding challenge both in Leipzig and internationally to facilitate the transfer of the accumulated expertise within the community.  This challenge is taken up by the Leipzig Spin Resonance Colloquium, which offers a series of high-profile presentations organized by the Leipzig University to foster interdisciplinary environment among faculty and students. The Colloquium speakers should expect scientists of very different backgrounds to be present in the audience. We are asking the speakers to make an extensive introduction for non-experts, such that nuclear magnetic resonance presentations of physicists become accessible to biologists, or the presentations on the applications of magnetic resonance imaging in medicine are understandable to physicists, etc.. We further encourage the speakers to include at least a brief overview of an industry segment relevant to the scope of the presentation.

Colloquiums in Summer Semester 2021


  • Online per Zoom
  • 45 minutes talk + 15 minutes discussion
  • Extended introduction also suited for students


The technical coordinator of the colloquium is Dr. Robin Guehne

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Dr. Robin Guehne
Felix Bloch Institute for Solid State Physics
Leipzig University